Easy Financing Through Bridging Loans

As you might have probably thought, bridging loans are a short term funding option. The reason why the name bridging is used is because the loan will be used in merging the gap between a debt coming due. In short, the use of bridging loans or bridging finance as is commonly referred is a way of acquiring financing in a short timeframe and for a pressing matter. In most cases the pressing matter that will necessitate a bridging loan is a mortgage.

Just how does this loan work?

A bridging loan is used to help a person be able to complete a property purchase prior to them selling their existing property. This is common when shifting properties to move to a much larger house or moving to a new location. This is the reason the loan is of invaluable help as without it, a new property purchase would not be possible.

Although the financing that is made through the loan is of much help to the person in need, the loan is somewhat expensive when compared to normal loans as the time that the funding is required is short and of great importance. The bridging financing is said to be quite expensive as the rate of interest the money accrues is quite high.

• Where else could you expect to see the use of bridging loans in high numbers?

• When there are gaps in completion dates of a property

• When buying at an auction without cash at hand or the financing necessary to buy

• When needing to sell a property quickly after renovation.

Following the financial crisis that brought the world economy to its knees, banks are quite reluctant to lend as most of the customers are seen as high risk vendors. To avert this, use of bridging loans is becoming quite poplar as the money is only lent for a very short period and it comes back with quite a handsome interest.

For most lenders that qualify for the normal loans, it is advisable to take these loans as the alternative that is bridge financing is a very expensive affair. Income institutions, a monthly fee of 1.5% per month is charged, making the sum total be 18%, not to mention administration fees.

Among the people who are recommended to make use of the bridge financing include property owners, property developers and a person purchasing a property at an auction which needs proper financing. Some wealthy borrowers who are asset rich and who want to go straight and start lending can also get the financing.

Among the instances where bridging is recommended include: buy to let properties where the income amassed by the property can be used in paying back the high interest. Property investment is also a good way to look at this type of financing. In instances where banks take too long to approve a loan, especially when high amounts are required, bridging loans become the next best available course of action.

In as much as the bandwagon of the people advocating for bridge financing is concerned, it seems to be a fast growing market segment. It is however advisable that prior to signing up for this form of financing, a thorough evaluation of the exit strategy to use is made. Lack of an exit strategy means that you risk foreclosure of the property acquired as you might be unable to meet the monthly repayments of the loan.

Be sure to ask of the different alternative lending options from your financial service provider rather than sign up for the first available financing that is presented to us. If you have never done it, it is advisable to take some time to think through the bridging loans proposal and enquire about the minor details such as the cost of administration fees.

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